St. Joseph's Hospital plays a vital role in the health care of New Brunswick...  


Conveniently located in the heart of Saint John, the hospital is a multi-disciplinary healthcare gem that plays a growing role in the lives of more than 500,000 New Brunswick patients every year. With 100 years of service, St. Joseph's delivers essential and specialized medical services- some of which are unique in New Brunswick.

St.Joseph's Hospital Foundation raises funds for equipment,research and education.For over 35 years St.Joseph's Hospital Foundation has been raising funds to enhance healthcare delivery at St.Joseph's Hospital


 Leisure and Wellness Garden
  As part of St.Joseph's Hospital Foundation efforts to increase the well-being of all patients who call on St. Joseph's for their care the Foundation staff and volunteers proudly maintain the Hospital's Leisure Wellness Garden.  We welcome donations to help maintain the garden. For more information please call the Foundation office.  506-632-5595

St.Joseph's Hospital Services

 Women's Health Centre, Urology Centre, Health and Aging Program, Diagnostic Imaging,Community Health Centre, Eye Clinic, Eye and Tissue Bank, Surgical Services

 For more information on the services offered at St.Joseph's click here.


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